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The book will consist of 120 Pages of Guide Book

120 Pages of Guide Book

Guide to building accessible websites This book is my personal learnings over the past 2 years which will help you create accessible websites and write semantic HTML from the start. I will be sharing all my learnings and code examples for each topic.

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Web accessibility and WCAG is evolving and coming with new guidelines, standards and tools to build accessible web apps. I will keep updating this book with new guidelines as and when they come.

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Code Examples for each topic in detail

Code Examples

Each of the topic consist of detailed code example that will walk you through the topics in depth.

Who is this book for?

Remember, accessibility is a team effort. Every person has a role to play.
Developer like you can bring this change within your Team.

Boost Up your A11y knowledge.

Start Building Inclusive Products

A11y Case Studies from Fortune 500 Startups

Much More

What’s inside the Book ?

This book is for anyone who has prior knowledge of HTML and CSS and want to start building accessible web apps. This book is for anyone who cares about developing things that is accessible to everyone. This book is also for developers who want to stay updated with guidelines and tools required to build and accessible web app.

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For the past 2 years I've been actively working on web accessibility.

I certainly value all the companies giving immense importance to accessibility at an early stage of their product. This book will sum up all of my learnings till now and will make sure you understand web accessibility as not some tool to install over night. I'll show you rather how to write more semantic HTML from the start. When I started learning accessibility I had a notion that it's just about blind users. Whereas, it's so much more than that! It includes people from all walks of life and disabilities. Be it physical disabilities like vision impairment, hard of hearing, or intellectual, cognitive, developmental disabilities like Autism Spectrum disorder, Down Syndrome and also mental conditions and situational impairment. It's vital to build inclusive websites in this age for everyone with love and passion! I decided to write a book as I couldn’t find all the resources at one place when I had started out. This book is the culmination of my learnings on web accessibility from the past two years.

The book cover is designed by awesome Saloni Mhapsekar

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Manjula Profile

Manjula Dube - Author

I am Software Engineer & teacher. I'm a world renowned tech speaker.I am from India currently living in Berlin with my husband Sahil Mhapsekar.

I work at N26 as Web Engineer. I am Founder of Geekabyte that aims to deliver in person tech workshops on Web Development & organise international conferences, React India & JS Conf India. I'm also a Google Developer Expert. I have been obsessed with coding ever since I graduated out of college.

I am founding member of Mumbai Women Coders that aims to encourage more women in tech & provide an avenue into the technology world. I love contributing to open source in my free time. I love Javascript, React & my family ❤️ In coming years I see my self teaching people to code.

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